The history of PESFASA, a company dedicated to fishing, processing, and the wholesale marketing of cephalopods, is a story of vocation and achievement. To take on challenges, open opportunities, and explore new markets from its headquarters at Camino Viejo del Grao (Castellón). By the sea. The same paths that have led the company to become a specialist in cephalopods and especially in octopus, and a reference in Spain and internationally.
Originally known for the commercialization of fresh fish, PESFASA has evolved and has adapted to new markets and customer trends. From preparing sardines in brine, or freezing and selling them as bait, PESFASA has evolved to become a prestigious company recognized in the field of cephalopods and octopus.
PESFASA is the story of the Fabregat family and its founder, Emilio Fabregat Fabregat. A passionate fisherman who at the age of 80 continued to go to the port to pack fish. The legacy survives decades later as Emilio Fabregat Beltrán, followed by his siblings Cristina and Carlos picked up the tradition and led the company to new horizons.
PESFASA’s 80 years of business are dedicated to fishing and the search for the best fishing grounds to ensure the great quality and processing that meets the highest standards that their customers continue to demand.
The history of PESFASA is based on a past rich in experience, a present marked by achievements, and a future open to new paths.



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